Results from David Cooper Moore – Ignite Talk Thursday


The responses that I received to my post “David Cooper Moore: The Love Hate Relationship with Media” were pretty much what I expected coming from other future educators.

I asked the  (2) questions as followed:

Should Students be allowed to express hate for media in the classroom? 

 (4) Responses were given  (thus far):
  • Yes i think so
  • Yes i think so
  • yes but like he said in a safe space, students are always going to express themselves whether we as teachers want to hear it or not so why not incorporate it in your lesson and get students involved. As long as it is monitored correctly and students have an understanding that everyone is entitled to their opinion and deserves respect they should be allowed to express their hate for media and also see the other side like the video said why others might disagree and like what they hate
  • Yes I believe that every opinion is worth something, just like no question is a dumb one.  
The second question asked was:
By allowing students to reflect on what they hate about media, do you feel this will allow them to empathize and reason as to why they feel that way? Please explain why. 
 Responses given (thus far):
  • Yes i do because i feel that it creates a world of expansion and expression of true emotion and feeling.
  • Yes because students like to share their ideas and feelings, especially when it is dealing with someone other than themselves. Also students will be able to learn from each other and from that be able to reason better. I am a firm believer that students learn better from their peers
  • This will definitely allow them to empathize and reason why they feel that way. For example, I would understand them because maybe they feel that way because they think its too hard to understand, or even anything can go viral.

As you can see when asked to explain their answer, I was given various reasons as to why students should be allowed to express themselves in both a positive and negative ways. It all ties back to “Reasoning” and “Empathy”. I will update when more results are posted.



David Cooper Moore: The Love Hate Relationship with Media

The video I was assigned was one presented by David Cooper Moore, he  is Associate Director of the Media Education Lab and Program Director for Powerful Voices for Kids, a partnership between Temple University’s Media Education Lab and the Russell Byers Charter School in Philadelphia.He also has taught media production to a variety of age groups including K-12 and undergraduate students.

David started off the video by referring to a teen named Rebecca Black who become an overnight sensation, when her youtube video “Friday” went viral, but not because people loved it but because they hated the song. He goes on to further discuss that when it comes to love vs. hate the 2 almost go hand and hand. In education, students should be allowed to express their dislike for something as long as they give a valid reason why, and also explain as to why others may like what they dislike, by doing its giving them the chance to reason between the two.

The quote that stood out the most to me was “Love spreads but Hate spreads too”  this statement is so true because if students see their peers disliking something that may deter how they feel about the same thing.

Another quote that stood out was “Give students time to reflect on what they hate, ask them to use their reasoning and empathy”, I believe that this strategy can be beneficial in the classroom because students may not have a “real” or “valid” reason as to why they may hate something.

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