Dare to Be Different…. Be Inspired!!


When it comes to learning and teaching there shouldn’t be a cookie cutter plan as to how it should be taught or interpreted. The problem with the Educational System today is that too many teachers are becoming “Comfortable” especially once they become tenure. Going through the videos and images of Jim Groom, he expressed his passionate views on that through many blog post and videos.

This passage in “Never Mind the Edupunks; or, The Great Web 2.0 Swindle” stood out to me the most because it holds so much truth and passion behind the words:

Ed techs like to claim that the Internet represents a revolution in human communication, one with profound effects on how we produce, consume, share, and value knowledge.20 If that is the case, maybe the ownership, control, and structure of these environments should be more than an afterthought. We strongly believe that higher education should embrace a mission to create, cultivate, and promote “safe spaces” that are not only open but also free from overtly commercialized interests. Educators are currently at a crossroads. The choices we make now will decide what sort of online environment will be available in the future. And despite all the current anti-institutional talk21surrounding today’s higher education that proffers corporate mindsets in the name of efficiency (we sense a hip neo-liberal party with the public paying the bill), institutions remain relevant to us if only because they represent an idea of a publicly-accountable alternative. We see a place for colleges and universities that are more supportive of and integrated with the wider public beyond the institutional gates, drawing on the lessons of successful open networks for inspiration.

I agree so much with this statement because I feel that Higher Education really needs to embrace and create a safe space for students to express themselves and learn through realistic views. Open Education is brilliant idea that should be embraced especially by Higher Education institutes, educators and students can both learn through this process. Straight textbook teaching is not working anymore, students of this day and age is technology driven and is eager to go online to find their answers to things that have tweaked their interest. Educators are at a crossroad and if they don’t challenge  themselves to “bare to be different”, they’ll just be another professor who is known for reading directly from the text and giving multiple choice exams instead of giving the students the freedom to research and come back and teach the class something from their finding. I’m not speaking of the traditional research but navigating through videos, images and blogs on the selected topic and relating it to their everyday lives as well as their future profession.


One thought on “Dare to Be Different…. Be Inspired!!

  1. reyawesome says:


    I do feel that education should be inviting for students, they need to really be the ones who want to learn otherwise they wouldn’t. I believe that through process and things that are hands on and progressive, students will be willing to learn, willing to explore, this is what education is all about. I think that students should also be able to research, and give their opinions and reasons instead of a bland multiple choice answer that shows no background of knowledge but rather a background in good guessing instead.


  2. Malikaaaaa =) says:

    Your graphics are so beautiful. They striked me because of the colors that are in it. They stand out heavily and so do your views in regards to Jim Groom’s opinions in his blogs, videos, etc. I love this quote you put up:
    “Ed techs like to claim that the Internet represents a revolution in human communication, one with profound effects on how we produce, consume, share, and value knowledge. That is so true because technology in general is such a hugeee deal and it only grows with time. Twenty years from now things will probably even be so much more different. It’s crazy with what change collaborated with time can bring. Great post.

  3. Prof. Michael Smith says:

    The image above is interesting as well as it’s from a glogster about edupunk which embeds all the original media and links that were used to create the image.

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