“What Do People Think…. About Teens?

The storytelling assignment that I would use in my future classroom would be themed around “Turning a Negative into a Positive”. I came up with this idea when browsing through the design assignments on the ds106 website and I came across the “What People Think I Do” meme. It consisted of different images of sterotypes of what people thought about college students and the final frame represents the actual person.

The objective of this assigment would be to teach my future students about various sterotypes and how they can change a negative sterotype into a possible positive one. This will also teach them that a picture can be worth a 1000 words when different people give their opinions. I also created a meme myself of “What People Think of Teenagers”. I really enjoyed this design assignment and look forward to doing this with my future students.



6 thoughts on ““What Do People Think…. About Teens?

  1. ojobelinda says:

    I really enjoyed this, I like it a lot and if you don’t I will use this in my class as well, I love it so much because the students are not only building their education but their moral ethics, self confidence and awareness all at the same time. This is cool 🙂

  2. likalicious24 says:

    i really like memes and this is really funny…especially where it says what you really do.. LOL! and what MTV thinks you do, haha. Nice job

  3. christinev0814 says:

    I like this a lot, it is a great way for students to interact, and get their messages and thoughts out in a way where they are still learning because they are using technology. Cool thing you did there=)

  4. reyawesome says:


    Like I said before, this is wicked! I really think its funny that people look at us in this light meanwhile we’re totally nothing like this. Anyways, this post was great, it speaks for many of us and is easily relate able.

    Truly, Rey Awesome

  5. arod2290 says:

    i dig this concept. There are SOOOOO many stereotypes about many groups in society. Some hold true while others are simply outrageous. I think this is a good way of shifting the mindset of society and how they feel towards groups, in this case teenagers. Great job!!

  6. Prof. Michael Smith says:

    Definitely a great assignment, which I think could be used for lots of different disciplines. It’s really about showcasing comprehension of a topic by presenting misconceptions. I imagine there are a number of historical/political issues that could be presented in this meme. Or descriptions of the values of skills in a number of arenas.

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