My Vision of College Today: The Need for an Evolution

Watching the video by Michael Welsh, gives the harsh reality of how students feel about sitting through a traditional lecture in college. Most professors tend to get up there and talk for 2-3 hours straight without any breaks. They expect most students to copy what their saying word for word, or others read directly from the textbook.

Returning back to school after a 8 year break, I was expecting that the style of teaching would have evolved since then but to no avail its pretty much the same. In the article, “The Evolution of American Higher Education”, by James M. Danko, the author also discusses the need for change with the way colleges and universities are teaching students. Students of today are more creative and inventive and colleges would need to be the same in order to attract students that are already worried about their investment in their eduaction due to the struggling economy.



9 thoughts on “My Vision of College Today: The Need for an Evolution

  1. Prof. Michael Smith says:

    What would you differently?

    • eirby88 says:


      I agree with the author of the article that I referenced I feel that colleges should use technology advancements to their advantage as well as possibly having students relate particular courses to things happening in real time. When it pertains to research papers and topics I know plenty of students who would turn to Google and Wikipedia before even grabbing their textbook. Colleges and professors should always be thinking of new ways to revamp the course material that works for the students.

  2. christinev0814 says:

    I love the picture which shows how students often feel in the classroom; bored! The article that you provided the link to is really good as well. It is totally correct when it states that “American higher education needs to innovate and reinvent itself if it’s going to survive, thrive, and recapture its earlier glory”. That will help produce change and improve the views students will have which will in turn motivate others to attend college. =)

  3. mdrid471 says:

    my opinion is that if we are seeing a need for improvement in colleges, what can we (the students) do to change it? as far as I’m concerned there are student presidents for different departments and student committees that deal with improving colleges, but there are so many who aren’t interested in involving themselves with these groups. i honestly don’t even know if a solution exists.

  4. likalicious24 says:

    LOL! I absolutely love the picture that you posted. That describes to a tee how the average college student feels about class and and the boring lecture they are attending. Only a handful or maybe less of professors actually care about their students wants and needs and being interesting and helping them out. It’s so sad the way that the world works and hopefully this can change one day. It probably won’t fully but having teachers who actually want to be humorous or have some type of goal for themselves as well as their students are so imperative for a better college experience, now and for the future as well.

  5. arod2290 says:

    While I agree that colleges definitely need to step their game up as far as attracting students goes, I still believe that many students are to blame as well since they do not care about their education and do not want to work for it. Overall, as mentioned by other bloggers, this sums up the majority of students lol

  6. reyawesome says:


    You know one aspiring educator I know literally told me school was boring and meant to be that way. I know! Insanity. Sometimes I feel that some people are stuck in old ways and past pictures because honestly the education system needs some uplifting. Especially uplifts on frowns ey? Anyways, I do think that some teachers are awfully boring and need to be more flexible in their teaching methods and hey who knows, maybe add a pinch of fun?!

    Rey Awesome

  7. mob92885 says:

    why do you feel education has lagged in keeping up with the current society and technology, i think a part of the problem is the disconnect of teacher to students. some teachers are older and have been on the job for a long tenure so they only familiar with the traditional form of education in which they were taught under.

  8. sesh15 says:

    Great article to support your post eirby88. The article reinforces the concerns of many students who are currently working extremely hard to obtain their degree. Where does it leave them after all the hard work? There are thousands of unemployed individuals who host not only college degrees, but who have a vast amount of experience. These individuals are willing take risks and huge pay cuts to get a job. These are the same individuals who are competing with young college graduates who not only have fresh knowledge, but are willing to jump start their careers with entry level positions and salaries.

    As for the teaching techniques in colleges today, I don’t think that will change. It varies from professors to professor. Just as in any field, there are people who do enjoy what they do and have a passion for it. As students we need to take the bad with the bad and the good with the good, mix it in a pot and make it your own unique recipe in able to get the best of it.

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